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The Eco Shop, Cardigan

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The shop is Open Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.10am-5pm, staffed by a group of dedicated volunteers. Anyone interested in volunteering, just get in touch.ecoshoutsideview

The Eco Shop was set up in Cardigan in 2008 following on from the success of the Forest Garden, which was begun four years earlier. Both projects aim to take responsibility in changing things for the better in light of evidence to suggest dwindling natural resources and over-consumption.

Situated between St Dogmaels and Cardigan, the Forest Garden was pioneered according to the principles of Permaculture and Robert Hart

. Funds raised from the Eco Shop go towards maintaining and developing the garden. We have had very positive feedback from local primary schools following visits from groups of children who have participated enthusiastically in tree planting and activities designed to raise awareness of the natural world and understanding of how our food is produced.

We believe that the move towards sustainability starts on a local level by:

1) reducing fuel consumption for production and delivery of goods

2) providing advice and information

3) creating local resources for recycling

4) providing an outlet for local crafts

5) setting up workshops to make use of recycled materials

6) involving local children in planting trees and understanding the importance of local food ecoshopbksmags production

Within the categories outlined above, the detail is as follows:

The shop takes in a great volume of donated goods in order that others may make use of items which might otherwise go to landfill. We encourage local people to make creative use of recycled materials and support local businesses and individuals by showcasing or selling their products, thereby contributing to the local economy. Not only do contributors avoid prohibitive charges from galleries or retail outlets; they also avoid travelling unnecessary miles to a place of work.

Examples are:

· stoves · refurbished tools · original wood crafts from local woodland

· cushions made from locally recycled materials and decorated with designs by a young local artist

· mosaics made by young children in a supervised workshop on the premises using discarded crockery

· one-off up-cycled designer clothes

Volunteers and customers come to the Eco Shop from diverse backgrounds and for many reasons:

· to make a difference

· seek satisfaction through contributing

· to share information about other community initiatives which benefit the local economy

· to circulate materials · to become involved in the community

· to get information about local events · to minimize waste · to bag a bargain · to have fun

· to contribute to the local economy

Donations of goods are welcome, especially if they relate to green issues, such as books, household items, garden implements and tools in general.

Feedback from visitors to the shop has been positive. Local people find it useful to pop in and find out what is happening in and around Cardigan and tourists comment on what a great resource it is.

As well as an eco store, the shop is a place where people can get help and advice to live more sustainably and of the local services on offer in this area.

Click here to see more photos of the shop.

For more info Contact: Alpay Torgut: 07717473435 or

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