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Permaculture is a holistic way of living on the earth; its core foundation is people working with rather than against nature. It's applicable to all aspects of human living, in one's home and garden, schools, businesses, community spaces, city's and countryside. "What we have done, we can undo. There is no longer time to waste nor any need to acumulate more evidence of disasters; the time for action is here. I deeply belive that people are the only critical resource needed by people, we ourselves, if we
organise our talents, are suficent to each other. What is more, we will either survive together, or none of us will survive."From 'Permaculture, a designers manual', by Bill Mollison

The madness of uncontrolled industrial growth and defence spending is threatening our very existence.

The only ethical course of action is to start taking personal responsibility to care for the earth and for our present and future existence.

       The Permaculture Association (UK)  

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