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Naturewise visits Coppicewood College

The Naturewise Community forest garden team have a working trip to Coppicewood College

We needed a saw horse, hedging stakes and some faggot wood at the forest garden, so I invited anyone from the Naturewise volunteer team to join me at Coppicewood. I work at Coppicewood as a tutor and thought this was an ideal opportunity to furnish the forest garden with things we need while sharing the skills with the team. We had an excellent day out in Pengelli woods.

We had to choose the wood we needed for our saw horse, so went to the plot with our cutting list and began to saw wood to size.

Steve and Ed sawing wood to size by the wood piles on the plot.

Katerina using a froe and her knees to leaver the wood apart.

Then using a froe, wedges and beatle split the wood for the saw horse ears,  and legs. 

Everyone had a go at using the froe and also using the cleaving break and their knees to prise apart the split.

Michael using a froe
pole lathes , chopping blocks and shave horses all equipment made out of wood which is used to create green wood work craft pieces.
Back at the college workshop: Ed is using an auger bit to drill a hole or mortice in the wood which one of the legs of the saw horse will fit into.
Working out how to shape the legs

We want to thank Coppicewood College for giving us access for this wonderful day full of sunshine trees, and learning.

Coppicewood College run courses here at Peneglli. You can find out more by visiting their website

Do contact them and now is the time to put yourself forward if you are interested, as course fill up.

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