Tree Planting Dates

We have over 100 trees and fruit bushes which we will be planting on the days shown below. There will be teaching and guidance provided so you can learn to plant trees and fruit bushes well and understand the principles of forest gardening. On the days highlighted in red there will be the option to learn and plant in Welsh. If you are learning welsh and want to practise you are very much welcomed on these days.

This is a great opportunity funded by the Eco shop and Community Fund to begin learning and contributing to a community forest garden.  Forest gardens are highlighted in the film Tomorrow as one of the solutions for a sustainable future.

Start small to grow big, and write a new story for the generations to come.

Tree Planting

Parc Teifi Cardigan

50 meters past police station- see website for directions

Learn how to plant trees and fruit bushes and contribute towards the future well-being of the community and our environment.

Nov Sat 23rd Mon 25th* Tues 26th* Sat 30th, Dec Mon 2nd*, Tues 3rd*, Sat 7th

10 am – 3.30 Saturdays are family days and children are welcome to join in or play 

Bring your own lunch and drinking water, we provide tea, coffee, biscuits, warm shelter, compost toilet  

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Tel: Alpay 07717473435 or Claire 07732 861104 or 01239 621 039

Sponsored by the Eco shop and community fund.  *A Welsh speaker will be teaching as well

Naturewise Community Forest Garden CIC  

4 min film about the forest garden