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Food for Thought

What we eat does it matter?

55 billion animals slaughtered worldwide last year

Here’s the cost – devastation of the global   environment and a threat to our children’s future.

Livestock’s contribution to environmental problems is on a massive scale. The impact is so significant that it needs to be addressed with urgency.
United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation 2006

Think of almost any environmental catastrophe and you’ll find livestock at the heart of it. Farmed animals are one of the main sources of gases that cause Global Warming. They top the list in making wildlife and plants extinct across the world – what’s called Loss of Biodiversity. And all because they are the main reason for Deforestation – chopping down rainforests – where most of the world’s species live. Pesticides, hormones, drugs and chemicals used for livestock are the main cause of Water Pollution. The massive use of antibiotics in factory farms has helped to create Superbugs. Their manure is a main source of Acid Rain. Feeding farmed animals takes up 70 per cent of all agricultural land.

Many times more people could be fed on a plant-based diet.

They consume much of the world’s Dwindling Fresh Water. Their hooves and over-grazing are the main cause of Spreading Deserts. Agriculture is being intensified and animals are now 80 per cent Factory Farmed. And on top of this, the world’s oceans are being devastated by overfishing. In short, eating meat, fish and dairy amounts to a Diet of Disaster.