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Alpay Torgut (Dip Perm Des)

I came up with the name Naturewise while I was travelling on the London underground in 1989. And have been coordinating its evolution since then. This has involved creating and managing two forest gardens; one a community forest garden, the other a partnership/community nursery school forest garden. I did my permaculture course in 1990/91 and received my Diploma in 1997.Also during this period I initiated and ran 20 permaculture courses, in the inner London city setting. Some of my other substantial involvements have been with a housing co-op, a community garden and a community centre. I would say the biggest driving force in my life is to be authentic and take personal responsibility for the global situation. And take action today not tomorrow.
 In 2004 I moved to West Wales. I continued to support activities in London predominantly through the website.
In West Wales I have been raising awareness through public events, making short films of local food growing (Links on website), reactivating allotments, starting a community forest garden, Initiating Transition Teifi, and opening an Eco shop.  

Telephone: 0845 458 4697/07717473435



some people who have been associated with associated with naturewise. This is far from a full list, if you have been involved with naturewise and would like to be icluded get in touch.


Nicole Freris


Having trained in medicine, I spent the best part of a decade working with indigenous people in the Brasilian Amazon. This experience woke me up to the world, and the real causes of our individual, social and environmental dis-ease. From training health agents, I became involved with issues related to land use, campaigned against the logging industry and soya frontier and found Permaculture. Permaculture has now become for me the tool for meaningful change in self and the world. Back in London working as a part time as a GP, I plan to train in medical herbalism and am helping to run Naturewise. Through promoting Permaculture courses we seek to create a safe and sane space where people can begin to reconnect.





Graham Burnett (Dip Perm Des)


Graham Burnett is the author and illustrator of 'Permaculture: A Beginners Guide', as well as a number of other titles. He is an experienced permaculture designer and teacher, and actively involved with local community building projects including LETS, and is the secretary of his local allotment association. He is a member of the Permaculture Association (Britain) Designers Register, and holds the Diploma in Permaculture Design (Dip Perm Des).


In addition, he has co-run a number of Permaculture Introductory courses, full design courses and specialist courses on vegan-organic horticulture and compost toilet building, as well as workshops for, amongst others, Naturewise, Green Adventure, Birmingham Nursery Collective, Vegan Organic Network, Thrive (the therapeutic horticulture organisation), South East Essex Organic Gardeners and Southend Council’s Agenda 21 forum. Check here for an interview with Graham and here for a selection of his articles and writings.





Mark Warner


Former Chair of the Permaculture Association (Britain), Mark is also the founder of the Eco-Village Network UK. An active permaculture teacher and designer, he is currently working and studying in London. Mark brings skills of project planning, event organisation and group facilitation techniques to his role as within the Naturewise courses and events.





(Dip Perm Des)

Adrian Leaman


Eco-builder, green woodworker and teacher


After finishing a degree in three-dimensional design I indulged in a life of rock n roll hedonism for 5 years followed by 5 years in the film business. I then spent a year and a half working on ranches and out posts in north and central America. When I returned to England I was never the same again. I've spent the last 5 years re-training in ecological habitat management and eco-building. My work is now dedicated to sustainable development through eco-building/craft and nature awareness teaching.


When another river runs polluted or forests are destroyed I feel my heart sink. When I am part of the problem I feel old and tired, when I am part of the solution I feel again like a child.





Ru Litherland(Dip Perm Des)


Ru is a community activist and organic gardener whose involvement includes the Organiclea project on allotments in Chingford and Growing Communities in Stoke Newington. He cycles (and recycles!) alot and lives on a canal boat on the river Lea near Walthamstow. 


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