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Earth play - Forest School


Nature Ranger, Forest Schooling

At Earth Play Forest School we provide opportunities for children to reconnect to nature.

Learning through exploration, experiment, enquiry and having a go is fundamental to the learner’s experience

Learning how nature works and feels, it’s: sh

apes, colours, textures, season changes and needs.

We provide: structured, creative, sessions that are flexible in content and can incorporate:

• curriculum development

• gardening/ woodland skills

• nature knowledge

• permaculture, sustainable design in action, useful in all circumstances

• creativity and self - expression

• confidence building and improving self - esteem


Children can:

• Gather, saw and bundle wood

• light a fire (with a fire strike) boil a kettle and cook simple food safely

• Learn to use tools safely and make things

• Learn to plant and maintain a woodland garden

• Play games using their senses, imagination, sounds and movement

• Create stories, songs and poetry

• Work in teams, pairs and alone

• Hunting, gathering and eating fruit

• Design maps, and drawings

• Experience and learn about birds, insects,fungi, trees & wild flowers

Earth play happens at Naturewise Teifi Community Forest Garden.

A unique, local resource where the structure of woodland with its multiple layers (the canopy, shrub, herb and soil layers) is replicated, to use the land economically to provide food.

It creates a biodiverse rich environment for insects, bees, birds and flora. There are many different kinds of fruit, herbs & nuts to harvest for all.

We instruct children about how to enjoy nature safely with the least opportunity to come to harm, but with the freedom to explore and expand into an activity. We assess both the risks alongside the benefits. This enables the children to develop their skills and gain confidence in themselves and the world around them.

The child has companionship in discovery and hopefully experiences being a part of something enriching as they negotiate the environment, building a fire and making a spark.

Contact Claire: 01239 621 039


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