Open Day – Saturday 22nd June 2024 – Diwrnod Agored – Dydd Sadwrn 22ain Mehefin

The Open Day Programme June 22nd 2024  

Welcome to the Naturewise community forest garden open day. This is  the programme for the day and we are lucky to have some excellent facilitators to share with us their knowledge and creativity for our learning and fun. The garden is 5 acres with streams, wooded areas, ponds, bog areas, big views and many plants and trees.

The day which will focus on plants. Plants offer us so much like food, nourishment, beauty and healing.

Entry is free and light refreshments are available for a donation.  Bring a picnic if you want something more substantial to eat. Please bring your own drinking water.

We are funded primarily through the Eco Shop and want to thank them for their continued support.   If you want to volunteer on the day contact us to see how you can help. 


1pm Opening welcome, tea, coffee cake and herbal teas 

1.30pm Nature stories created with children, exploring healing plants and creatures of the garden, with Sonia Hinda-Lea Caller 

2pm  Medicinal tour with Katerina. A tour of the garden focusing on medicinal plants

2pm onwards Children’s activity: Nature mask making with Kate

3pm Nature stories, created with children. Characters from the garden go on a journey with the help of plants.

A way to learn about the healing properties of plants in a gentle way through stories for everyone. 

3.30- 4pm Cordage:  making cord from nettles

3.30pm onwards Family treasure hunt: find things in the garden with a mini  map and questionnaire – easy to do and it will take you around the garden. 

4-430pm Tinctures and salves

Learn how to make a simple tincture with calming properties  and a slave for bruises, burns and bites. 

4.45pm Herbal journeys with Maia 

5.30yp Stories 

6.00pm Closing ceremony 

Giving time to what we value about plants, trees and being in the garden.  With an opportunity to write notes on a coloured leaf shape to be tied onto a tree.  

We’re open all year round each Tuesday for learning, participation, fitness, friendship and the feel good of nature.